About Bludged.com

Our story - Who we are and what we do

Bludged.com is a tool that helps you managing your social network feeds, keeps them active even when you are offline. This project started as an automation tool for Facebook posting and now is growing into a fully functional social media managing solution.

Bludged.com - who we are and what we do.

Why to choose Bludged.com among lots of other solutions?

We focus on what we think matters. We are not trying to sell you some features which are never used in real life but make us look and sound cool. We constantly improve our software to reflect your wishes and desires.
Making life easier is the key, if you can automate your work and free some time for things that bring more joy to your life, wouldn't that be great?
With Bludged.com you can focus on your main business and leave tedious routing work to us.

Why to choose Bludged.com